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This is the Homepage of Guitar Tech Sammy Bones. If you are needing a guitar tech for a guitar setup or repair, please see my set up page on the left.. I am mostly a touring guitar tech but I do also do setups and repairs when I am not touring.

Please browse my pages as I have many how to tips and I even have videos for a variety of instrument care, maintenance, setup and repair.

Ok, so you're here. Now what? Well, you can send me an email by clicking the email link at the bottom, or this link here.

This page is mainly here so people who need to reach me can easily do so. If you need a guitar repair, custom guitar built, or a guitar tech, use the links on the left side of the page.

...and in case you are looking for my resume, here are some of the artists I have worked with:

...and since this page is about ME...

Check out the June issue of Mobile Production Monthly on their website ""

I am in June 2012 Mix Magazine with my new pedalboard covers.

I really love the Planet Waves solderless connectors and cables. I have really put them to the test on the road as a guitar technician, and they are great. Check out what I use on tour at the Planet Waves website ""

There is a cool road crew live interview from the Cinderella tour at

I did an interview in Tour Guide Magazine. You can get a free copy at

I was also Roadie of the Month for Novemeber 2007 at
If you are looking for a touring guitar tech in Nashville Tennessee, New York, or Los Angeles, send me an email and I might be able to help you find a tech.

If you need to find me on other sites.

Album Credits

Cinderella-Rocked, Wired,and Bluesed-2005- Guitar Tech/Stage Manager/Additional Guitars on Shelter Me and Nobody's Fool

Cinderella - Live at the Key Club 2001 -Guitar Tech/Stage Manager

Cinderella - Once Upon A... 1998 - Guitar Tech

Deana Carter- The Story of My Life -1998 - Guitar Tech-Stage Manager