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Here are a few photos that I have from touring with various artists.
I really need to get my photos uploaded. I am way slack at this.

Below left: Getting the intonation to sparkle on Taylor Swift's Taylor guitar. The guitar has 2 sizes of swarovski crystal rhinestones on it. The rhinestones were mounted on the guitar with a silicone epoxy.
You can buy the swarovski crystals here. You need both sizes.
16SS Swarovski Hotfix Rhinestones Crystal AB (144) 531602
HOTFIX 34ss Crystal AB 144 SWAROVSKI Flatback Rhinestones Wholesale FULL Pack

Tuning Taylor Swifts Guitar
Be sure to look closely at the Mt. Rushmore picture. I didn't think they were seriously going to put me in there. The Mount Rushmore website has some cool stuff on it too.

I have so many photos of so many people and so many places. I am going to start adding a bunch more soon.

I should probably put these tour pictures in order... shortest hair to longest? or longest hair to shortest?


I really love this Planet Waves Mini Headstock Tuner. I keep one on me pretty much all the time.
Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Guitar Tuner  
The Regular Planet Waves Heastock guitar tuner is also great. I have them both.
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